ELT Summit for Executive

The Digital Revolution Has Barely Started: What Marketers Need to Know


Session summary

This year, Japan celebrates the 25th birthday of its commercially-available internet: the Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) was founded in 1992 and went online in 1993. So much has changed in that quarter century: how we communicate with each, what we watch, how and where we buy things from groceries to houses, even how we die.

The next 25 years will see even more profound changes.

In today’s opening keynote address, Dr. Brad Berens —- Chief Strategy Officer of the Center for the Digital Future at the Annenberg School, University of Southern California —- takes you on a high-speed tour of the future, where colliding trends will continue to disrupt industries, organizations, businesses, families and individual lives.

He’ll also explore what marketers need to know to thrive in this exciting new world, and how these colliding trends will affect brands.

From the impact of self-driving cars on retail, to how smart glasses will transform entertainment and shrink the consumer electronics industry, to how algorithmic brands will challenge conventional ones, to the powerful combination of artificial intelligence and health care, the next wave of the digital revolution will affect every corner of human life.

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