Q How can I receive my E-TICKET ?

1. Login to the ticket site with the ID/Password listed below:
[Ticket Site]
2. After Login, complete your profile setting and answer the questionnaire
3. Once you are done, your pass registration is complete

Q I purchased more than 1 pass.
How should I forward the pass to my colleague ?

1. Login to the ticket site
2. click "Purchase History", than "List of Pass"
3. click the blue "+Invite to Event" button. You can send invitation emails to whomever you wish to give the pass to from this page.
4. The invited person can follow the instruction on the invitation email to register their own pass.

Q How can I receive my pass ONSITE ?

Please bring your smart phone or tablet onsite to show us the e-ticket on your bio page.
Scan the e-ticket at the registration desk and your pass will be printed out and ready to go!