• 201803
    Tadayasu Kiyokawa

    Oh My Glasses, Inc

    Born in Osaka in 1982. Tad Kiyokawa is CEO at Oh My Glasses, Inc (www.ohmyglasses.jp). As an omni-channel retailer, Oh My Glasses operates the largest glasses commerce in Japan and 10 real stores under the name of Oh My Glasses TOKYO.
    Tad worked for UBS Investment Bank specializing in media sector. Following UBS, Tad joined Industrial Growth Platform, Inc (IGPI). At IGPI, he worked in the retail, media, and health care industries.
    While at Stanford, he also worked with a variety of startups including SpeedDate.com and Renren.com. Tad holds a MBA degree from Stanford University, a Master’s degree in Accounting from Indiana University Bloomington and a Bachelor of Law from Keio University.
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